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The pace of innovation in the renewable energy industry has been slow, undervalued and underinvested. Read our latest report on some of the most common challenges faced by energy startups globally, and key strategies for beating the sluggish innovation environment.


As part of the latest Power Development Plan (PDP), Thailand is set to implement new policy changes to increase the share of renewables in its energy mix.


As part of a panel session titled “Blockchain Technology. Disrupting Money & Paper — A Threat of Thrill for Us?”, Director Sheryl Foo discusses how the technology is particularly useful for certain sectors and the breadth of impact that can be expected. 


Director Sheryl Foo discusses dynamic innovations changing the landscape of the energy sector, and how digital technologies are presenting solutions to accelerate DERs.

Post-event report for the Blockchain2Energy Asia 2018 conference, jointly hosted by SolarPlaza and Vertech Capital. The event gathered over 70 executives to discuss use cases, opportunities, and

adoption barriers for blockchain innovation in

the energy and utilities space.


As blockchain quickly gains momentum in the energy sector, the business value of the technology must also be prioritized to allow scalability. Read our thoughts on emerging business cases and potential limitations to commercialization.


Blockchain is an important, enabling technology. Beyond application in the electricity market, what other innovative industries can corporations deploy blockchain?


As part of a breakout panel titled “When WTO met Westphalia: Preserving the Liberal Economic Order”, Director Sheryl Foo discusses the New World Order in Asia Pacific and technology as both a challenge as well as a solution to address issues in governance.


A common trend we have witnessed in the Philippines market is that a growing number of startups are harnessing blockchain technology to leapfrog the challenges of financial inclusion. In this article, we identify 3 local startups that are recognized as leading blockchain enablers.


Singapore is well recognized both regionally and internationally for its blockchain-friendly regulatory climate. However, what few are aware of is that apart from Singapore, Thailand has emerged as a blockchain trailblazer in the Southeast Asian region. 


Singapore is striving towards a car-lite society. To this effect, government agencies have actively promoted public-private partnerships in the development of smart mobility technology. Read our insights on how Singapore's urban mobility landscape is being transformed by Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).


The PV industry has significantly transformed over the past decade. Read our insights into how solar is revolutionising the energy sector by becoming one of the cheapest sources of energy competing with coal, diesel, and almost reaching parity with grid costs in some locations.

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